​Individuals - Everyone has questions about money, risks, and business matters. Getting an outside, independent, conflict-free opinion can make the difference between feeling confident about a decision or not. Control conflict and risk through proactive planning. 

Businesses - Knowing the business isn't equivalent to knowing its value. And knowing its value isn't the same as protecting its viability. Avoiding costly financial disputes and  operational errors are critical to preserving business value. Performance, risk, and value management, with good governance, are mannered ways to control outcomes. 
Families - Risk modification and financial management are critical to the successful operation of any family, and a defensive evaluation of the multivariate aspects of risk can help ensure a family's durability and survival. Preserve governance and an orderly succession through affirmative, active planning and enlightened risk management. ​

Note: In the mediation process, parties in dispute who want to retain control over outcomes seek to reach a mutually agreeable solution through a neutral party, the mediator, who without bias facilitates communication and negotiation. Mediation is nonbinding. Litigation is an I win / you lose proposition, binding, and expensive.    




$300 per hour plus pre-approved expenses. Monthly retainer negotiable. 

​​Subject to change.​